Playing At Acquisition

alligatorBroker driven and opportunistic deals are appealing and the excitement of the chase builds quickly.  Some of the team members have done a few acquisitions, we are smart, successful, and experts in our field, why wouldn’t we be winners at the game of acquisition?

I like making brick paths and walls and feel a great sense of accomplishment when I have completed some small structure with bricks in a home project.

But when I watch a real brick layer complete a commercial project, with what looks like a thousand precisely placed bricks in one afternoon, I am aware of the skill and practice being demonstrated. I do not compete. I’m pretty sure acquisitions involve more complexities and pitfalls than bricklaying.

50% of acquisitions don’t make it to the closing table, and according to Wharton, Harvard, and Deloitte, 60% of acquisitions destroy value. and over 80% don’t add a sustainable competitive edge.

Then there are the giant losses incurred by completing seriously flawed transactions.  A recent client was still paying for a bad acquisition ten years later (losses exceeded the purchase price).

It’s allot more fun to complete a deal that took a little longer and see it add value than it is to spend years undoing or making up for an imperfect transaction.

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An Uncomfortable Family Reunion

ensenadaAA business owner, we’ll call him John, grew his rebuilt truck parts business over 30 years to 20+MM – no small achievement. John’s  company was a major employer in a small town. John himself was a celebrated benefactor at school fundraisers and church events. Continue reading “An Uncomfortable Family Reunion”

Corporate Communications & Successful Acquisitions

african art 2 It’s often the very best people that bail out when acquisitions are badly managed.

Corporate communication can save good employees and customers during the acquisition process if used wisely. The loss of key people and customers is extremely costly.  The investments in team and resources to preempt these losses are quite modest in comparison.

Because it is a difficult topic with no single right answer, management often fears saying anything that might disturb the troops.  When nothing is said & rumors become the key to information, employees ride the emotional roller coaster that drives those who can move on to consider other possibilities. Continue reading “Corporate Communications & Successful Acquisitions”

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