Enhancing Shareholder Value

the-carina-nebula-shown-below-contains-eta-carinae-a-massive-star-around-100-times-the-size-of-the-sunI had a mechanical engineer once who had an attitude disorder.  For some odd reason, he didn’t like getting impossible assignments.  Whenever I said, “let’s do this improbable thing….”  He’d give me his “moon rock” lecture.

The lecture goes something like this.  “So, you want me to build a system that fits in 3 cubic inches?  No problem.  All we need is some moon rocks.” Continue reading “Enhancing Shareholder Value”

A Great Technology Due Diligence Story

egyptianFood Tasters for the King Food is an important part of a balanced diet.Fran Lebowitz

A few decades ago, I was an entrepreneur with visions of gold and a technology idea that even Frost & Sullivan thought was worthy of a 50 page report for a measly $2,500 per copy. Today, having carried that idea from my basement to a $100 million company on NASDAQ, I’m a partner in a firm that sits squarely between the capitalist and the technologist, serving that delicate roll of matchmaker between the money haves and the money wants. We call ourselves “food tasters for the kings.” Continue reading “A Great Technology Due Diligence Story”

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