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When was the last time a client brought you in on an acquisition early? You know, before the deal was inked and marching orders were not just “get this done in 60 days and don’t screw it up”.

This message is for you.

It demands thinking outside the box and may cause anxiety (but read on…it could lead to better results for you and your client).

There is no question that the dismal results coming out of M & A are not attributable to poor work done by M & A attorneys.

Rather, it is the client’s poor approach to search, execution, and integration that goes into the process of finding and completing transactions.

Big egos and The Wild West still live on in M & A, and you, the M & A attorney are (unavoidably) a part of this inefficient and high risk process.

Here is the big secret.

Find and get to know reputable providers of research and integration services and recommend them to your clients.

By definition, if your clients are working with smart front end researchers and integration people, you will be brought in early (because of A, professional courtesy, and B, they can’t do their jobs without you).

Research and integration done properly;

* find an improved field of more qualified target candidates,

* that are put on a better prepared path of transition and integration,

* which almost insures that you will be involved in the process earlier to ask the right questions and find the real answers.

= More success, less failure, happier clients, & longer term engagements with healthy clients.

Think about it.

Mike Tikkanen


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