big_zebra_splshAs a proactive business buyer, whether a one-time buyer or someone who acquires companies on an ongoing basis, you must define and pursue various creative means to locate viable companies that potentially offer extraordinary acquisition potential.

Understanding that the best acquisition opportunities are among companies not “officially” for sale and knowing that finding a business to buy that has solid financial return on investment potential can realistically be bought with favorable purchase terms, should be enough motivation for a serious buyer to tenaciously put forth the required effort to find one.

There is a similar challenge within the sales profession for finding high performance sales personnel. This objective is comparable and directly relates to business buyers pursuing quality companies to buy. The old adage: “All the good salespeople are already employed”, should be especially thought provoking for a serious business buyer. The best sales personnel to hire are there for the taking.

It is not that extraordinary businesses cannot be bought; it is just that their business owners have not been asked if they’ll sell or have they been made to make a conscious decision or reached a compelling level of justification to consider selling their company. In most cases, they also have not applied any effort or resources to define their company’s market value to determine if the selling effort would be worthwhile. The best companies to buy are there for the taking.

Sometimes the first person to effectively pursue an opportunity has the easiest course to success. Initiating a compelling company purchase process does not have to be a complicated procedure, the first step can be very obvious and simple. Again, as in selling, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Mark Smock is President of BUSINESS BUYER DIRECTORY, LLC, “BBD”. His firm is an established M&A listing referral services provider, an integrator of global M&A business-for-sale listings referred to specific BBD business buyer clients. Their business buyer clients pay a nominal, “success only” referral fee only if they purchase the BBD referred company. There is no cost or obligation to look at any referred deal. BBD only refers established companies for sale, with minimum annual EBITDA of $1MM, headquartered within N America, control interest for sale and within any industry. Start up’s, venture opportunities, funding solicitations or joint ventures are not considered.


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